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Achieving Productivity with Self-Service Data Preparation

A joint webinar with Forrester & Trifacta

Self-service analytics initiatives have led to an explosion of ad hoc data preparation in organizations. Anywhere from 60-80% of the time in an analytics project is devoted to manually preparing the data so that it is clean, well-structured and ready for analysis.

New tools abound to automate this time-consuming and painful process of data preparation.

  • But where do you start?
  • Which tools are a fit for information consumers versus analytic power users?
  • How do you ensure the quality of data transformations for analytic accuracy and governance?
  • Can prepared data be shared throughout the organization for re-use? 

In this webinar replay Alation, Trifacta, and Forrester explore the capabilities that new technology is making available to empower a broad set of knowledge workers to prepare their own data.

Alation and Trifacta will demonstrate how to increase the productivity of your analysts with data prep that’s scaled through data cataloging.

Gene Leganza, Forrester

Gene Leganza VP & Research Director, Forrester. Gene leads a team of analysts that provides research and advisory services that address the needs of Customer Insights and Enterprise Architecture professionals. His team focuses on data management and governance strategies and technologies, as well as building and optimizing the insights-driven enterprise.

Aaron Kalb, Alation

Aaron Kalb, Head of Product, Alation. Aaron has spent his career crafting delightful and empowering human-computer interactions, especially through natural language interfaces. Aaron leads the design team and guides the product vision at Alation. In his spare time, he enjoys backpacking, board games, and Thai food.

Will Davis, Trifecta

Will Davis, Director of Product Marketing, Trifacta. Will drives GTM and product marketing efforts at Trifacta having spent the past seven years managing the marketing initiatives for several high-growth data companies.