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How Hadoop and a Modern Data Platform Can Enable Transformation in Healthcare

Hadoop Summit 2016

Big data, data science and analytics have the potential to radically change how healthcare services are delivered and improve patient health. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is leading the charge in re-architecting their data environment on Hadoop for this new future.

In this possible future:

  • Consumers will become empowered to make informed healthcare choices

  • Providers will deliver outcome-based care that is designed for individual patient needs

  • Insurance companies will create products that are proven to improve member health, engage customers through better consumer experience, and optimize operations

  • Pharmaceuticals will use predictive modeling of biological processes and drugs, improve selection of trial patients and minimize risk while improving drug effectiveness

This presentation reviews a case study on the business strategy, technology architecture powered by Hortonworks Hadoop and implementation approach that can be a recipe for success. 

Beata Puncevic, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Beata is a technology leader with a passion for transforming the healthcare industry and improving the quality and cost of patient care through data and innovation. She has over 12 years of experience in data engineering, data management, data architecture and integration architecture across the healthcare and retail industries. Currently Beata is leading an effort to build a modern, agile, real time data architecture designed to drastically improve the organizations ability to leverage data insights to improve patient quality and access to care.