The First Data Catalog Designed for Collaboration

Achieving Shared Knowledge & Re-usable Data Preparation

As data volumes expand, enterprises face two critical issues: 

  • How do I get to a robust Big Data platform, fast?

  • How can business analysts find the information they need?

In this white paper, industry analyst Neil Raden dives deeper into Alation's capabilities and what it means to be a data catalog for Hadoop.

Using both human collaboration and machine learning, Alation is changing the the process of understanding organizational data and preparing it for analysis. Learn more by filling out the form to the right.

Neil Raden, Hired Brains, Inc

Neil Raden is the founder of Hired Brains, Inc. a consulting firm dedicated to the design and delivery of high-performance data warehouses and business analytics systems in North America and Europe. Neil has been building data warehouses and advanced decision support systems for almost 20 years.