The First Data Catalog Designed for Collaboration

Data Marketplaces Distribute Tribal Knowledge

New report from the Eckerson Group

For years IT has focused on the development of data products - assuming that data was a stable commodity that could be prepared for broad-based distribution.

But the reality of today’s data is different. Variety and volume make it naturally unstable. Rather than trying to manage data as a product, it should be curated as a service available to a broad audience.

If you’re struggling with driving business impact from your cluster, it is worth thinking about how your data management strategies would change if you crafted a curated marketplace for your data:

  • Who would you engage?
  • How would workloads change?
  • Where would insights be discovered?

Read how David Wells of the Eckerson Group recommends shifting your perspective to drive more value from both your Hadoop and database investments.