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Master the Tooling for Data Governance in a Self-Service Analytics World

Webinar Replay

Just as data access is evolving, data governance must also evolve. Organizations still face compliance risks, but today new risks like maintaining customer privacy and brand reputation require new compromises.

What tools exist to manage the fine line of trade-offs between personalization and privacy, trust and self service, and support for the entire ecosystem versus the enterprise alone? 

Watch a replay of our webinar Master the Tooling for Data Governance in a Self-Service Analytics World with Forrester Principal Analyst and Guest Speaker Henry Peyret to learn more about:

  • Important changes that traditional data governance is undergoing

  • Selection criteria you should keep in mind when evaluating data governance tools

  • Recommendations and best practices from Forrester for your data governance strategy

Plus, see a demo of some of the key features that the Alation Data Catalog can deliver to help you design a more robust data governance strategy. 

Henry Peyret, Forrester Research

Henry serves enterprise architecture (EA) professionals by helping them understand the concepts, techniques, and tools they need to support the digital business. His current research focuses on integration — both internal to a business and business to business — and on data governance, stewardship, and discovery.

Aaron Kalb, Alation

Aaron has spent his career crafting delightful and empowering human-computer interactions, especially through natural language interfaces. After leaving Stanford with two degrees in Symbolic Systems and working at Apple on iOS and Siri (doing engineering, research, and design in the Advanced Development Group),  Aaron leads the design team and guides the product vision at Alation. In his spare time, he enjoys backpacking, board games, and Thai food.