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The Power of Suggestion: How a Data Catalog Empowers Analysts

Analysts can do amazing things when they have the right data. Add to the mix some machine learning and artificial intelligence, and something remarkable happens: power analysts get even more productive. The key to this equation is a meaningful data catalog that captures much more than metadata, including the history of human interactions with the data, business definitions, and even tribal knowledge about data experts.

Watch this episode of Hot Technologies to hear veteran analysts Dr. Robin Bloor and Dez Blanchfield explain why machine learning and artificial intelligence can help analysts expedite time to insight. Their perspective leads into a demo by David Crawford of Alation, who demonstrates Alation’s smart query engine, Compose.

Dez Blanchfield, The Bloor Group

Dez Blanchfield is a Data Scientist, Industry Analyst & Consultant with The Bloor Group. Dez is a strategic leader in business & digital transformation, with 25 years experience developing strategy and implementing business initiatives.

Robin Bloor, Bloor Group

Robin Bloor is the Chief Analyst and Founder of The Bloor Group.  He has more than 30 years of experience in the world of data and information management. Robin has written scores of books, white papers, research reports and columns

David Crawford, Alation

David Crawford is a software engineer and product manager at Alation. Prior to joining Alation, David was CEO of Metrica, where he built tools to help companies create data-driven cultures, and PM at AppNexus in New York.