The First Data Catalog Designed for Collaboration

Self-Service Analytics and Data Management - At Odds?

In this recorded webinar, guest speaker Michele Goetz, Forrester Principal Analyst, and Satyen Sangani, Alation CEO, discuss how to achieve both self-service and governed data management through:

  • Empowering data consumers with self-service data prep 

  • Using data catalogs that encourage hypercollaborative behavior 

  • Speeding analytic discovery with data context surfaced inline 

The goal of data management isn't to manage the data; it's to get the best insights from the data on which to take action. And sometimes this means allowing an analyst to knowingly break the rules. 

Today's data-driven organizations are re-orienting their data management strategies to prioritize business outcomes first, and technology management second. But that doesn't mean that data management is dead, it's just being re-defined for self-service, collaboration and transparency.  

Download the replay to hear how data management is being redefined by analytics leaders and Alation customers.

Michele Goetz, Forrester

Guest Speaker Michele Goetz is a leading expert on data quality, data integration, metadata management, MDM, and data governance. She guides enterprises in effectively leveraging their data assests by improving the availability and accuracy of the information used in processes and analytics.

Satyen Sangani, Alation

Before founding Alation, Sangani spent nearly a decade at Oracle and ran the Financial Services Warehousing and Performance Management business, helping customers get insights from their systems. He holds a Masters from the University of Oxford and a Bachelors from Columbia College.